How to Write Your College Essay for the First Time

Writing an essay for the first time at the university may not be that easy for many students. Although they may have previous exposure to essay writing at the high school level, doing it in college may be different at the university. The student may get terrified by their professors’ high profile. Trying to imagine that a high-profile professor will read your work and award mark can be overwhelming.

Another worrying thing to students is their experience with their high school teachers, who may have told them how college essays are challenging to write. Such intimidating piles pressure the students to confuse their understanding of how to write their first essay after admission to the college.

If you are among the worried student about how you will frame your first college essay, follow this content, and learn. There are some valuable tips to help your out in your first essay writing.

Here are some tips for producing your first essay.

Be Direct To the Point

There is nothing frustration in essay writing as being vague in your thesis. It directly contributes to a low score.  Your argument should always be clear and to the point. You need to support your idea with evidence.

Avoid Pretending To Be an Expert

When doing your first essay, everyone is aware that you are still fresh from high school. Don’t pretend to be an expert in your writing. Make your article simple and assert your points with confidence. Back your argument with authoritative sources to improve credibility.

Have Citation of Your Sources

All your work must have proper citation .at the university, you will be doing many academic essays. Such essays need evidence and support of your main points. Have a list of all the references you are using in your work. For everything you read and write from your reference material, ensure o you cite to avoid plagiarism offenses. Familiarizes yourself with different plagiarism offenses to avoid their commitment without your knowledge. For instance, resubmitting work you have submitted in another class is self-plagiarism. Crosscheck your job to ensure that it has the right citation and does not have plagiarism issues.

Have A Clear Transition

You should invest quality time into your research and have a suitable format of supporting your main thesis. You can adequately use the transitional sentences at every beginning and end of the sentence to show coherent progress in your idea. The sentences will remind the reader how the points relate to the central thesis and make your work easy to read and understand.

Proper Formatting

Format your work well and ensure that it is in line with the guidelines. Crosscheck with the references t and format them according to the assignment instructions.

Write Incorrect Grammar and Spelling

Never submit with typos and grammar issues. Proofread your work to remove any typos and grammar errors. Some mistakes may be invisible to the writer, so share it with a friend to help you sport some of the errors.


Successful writing is not for genius. Even the brightest students commit writing mistakes. The best way to writing a good essay is following the above guidelines and the instructions of the assignment or getting some cheap scholarship essay writing help online if you can’t cope with the essay by yourself.

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