Persuasive Essay Topics: Great Ideas For Your Writing Project

A persuasive essay is one in which the writer is determined to convince the reader of a particular point of view or recommendation. The writer’s case must be persuasively presented and supported with facts, relevant examples and even expert opinion. Writing quality and successful persuasive essay requires you to communicate clearly and accurately. This, therefore, means that you need to choose a topic that you are conversant with and also interested in. If you love comedy, funny persuasive essay topics may be good for you.

Persuading the reader to agree with your kind of argument requires more than just a list of personal theories. You will need to state facts and support them with all the relevant examples and evidence. This is why the kind of topic you choose for your essay matters a lot and determines how far you will go with your arguments.

Finding Good Persuasive Essay Topics

The success of your persuasive essay will depend on the choice of topic. This is because you can only present a strong argument on a matter that you fully believe in and understand. If you have no interest in a particular subject, it means you know less about it. Consequently, you cannot convince another person to believe in it since you lack strong persuasive points. Get a topic that will motivate you to give your whole as you present your arguments.

Essay topics can be from within, your surroundings or from online sources. The advantage of searching online is the fact that you will be served with a variety of options. Even a simple search like persuasive essay topics college will give you numerous options to choose from.

A List Of Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

Finding a suitable essay topic should not be a daunting task especially with the help of online sources. Below is a variety of topics that you will find easy and enjoyable to write a persuasive essay about:

  1. Is it more preferable to spend your holiday as an unpaid intern in a prestigious company or as a paid worker in a small restaurant?
  2. Should music that has offensive language have a warning attached to it?
  3. Is race an important factor when it comes to students’ admission to colleges?
  4. Was the US civil war primarily caused by disagreement over slavery?
  5. Should individual students be allowed to choose what to do during PE lessons?
  6. Is it okay for public schools to demand that all students must be vaccinated before admission?
  7. Should financial planning be a compulsory subject in high schools?
  8. Is having school round the year with short breaks throughout better than the usual program with some long and short breaks?
  9. Is it in order to abolish the Electoral College?
  10. Should pills used for birth control be available without the doctor’s prescription?

For you to find good persuasive essay topics, you have to search in the right places. Visit highly-ranking writing websites and get topic suggestions for whatever field of study you are in.

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