Topic Ideas for Argumentative Essays

When asked to write an argumentative essay, the biggest challenge has always been in the choice of topic. Argumentative essay topics, particularly those of interest to your audience are not easy to come by. Therefore, thorough research is needed to develop meaningful topics and content for your essay. Here are simple yet important topic ideas that can get you started.

  1. Better late in Life than Never
  2. Life has no ending. People’s actions live on
  3. Technology runs the universe more than anything else
  4. Students should be allowed to work while in school
  5. Only Professionals should take up political positions
  6. Parents have a huge responsibility to play in school
  7. Wealth is not a measure of success
  8. Money is not everything
  9. Colonization in Africa Was Necessary
  10. History repeats itself in the growth of nations

What is an argumentative essay?

Having looked at the list of topics provided here, you can easily tell what an argumentative essay is all about. There are a lot of questions that revolve around this type of assignment and therefore, it is important to know why you are writing it in the first place. Simply, an argumentative essay seeks to present a viewpoint that is different from others while at the same time showing inconsistencies in all other opinions concerning the chosen subject.

The overall objective of writing an argumentative essay is to invalidate other perceptions and provide a much stronger one. However, this should purely be based on research but not on emotions. The credibility of your essay depends on how well you present your case backed up by research. There is a lot more that you can do other than just expressing your feelings about a given topic. This should be your overall aim in writing this type of assignment.

Points to remember when writing an argumentative essay

There is a predetermined way of writing argumentative essays. Your essay will, therefore, be assessed following this format and requirements. Here is what you should always remember about writing an argumentative essay:

  • Your topic choice should be of interest. You will be writing about a topic that is of interest to your audience. That means you are also personally interested in writing it. Therefore, do your research to know what others feel about it and how you will counter their arguments on the topic.
  • Use credible information sources to argue your case. Look for reliable pieces of information to communicate your ideas. Emotions and feelings concerning the topic are not enough to make a strong argument. Search for facts and proven ideas that relate to your writing from the start to the end. Ensure there is good flow in the way you communicate with your audience. This is a sure way to build confidence in them.

Bottom Line

Learn from the best writers if you want to excel in writing your assignments. Good readers make good writers. Take time to study and research repeatedly to get your facts right. Writing from a rich-background of knowledge will help you make strong arguments in your writing.

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