Tips for Writing an Essay Conclusion

A conclusion comes last in an essay or when writing a research paper. It has a role that it plays when writing an article because it tends to sum up the main idea and content discussed in the paper’s body. An excellent essay conclusion is more than summing up the main ideas. Still, it also has to convince your readers of the typical arguments you have and explain the paper’s vitality.

Why you should write an intriguing ending

  • Present the last thoughts on the ideas in the essay

An excellent summary is there a chance for the writer to impress the reader one last time and create an impression on their mind by Illuminating the critical outcomes in the analysis. Writing a well-presented and organize conclusion makes it so easy for you and the reader to understand and relate the results you have found.

  • Sum up your general thoughts and the importance of the study

How to summarize the paper, you should provide a broad perspective of the ideas you have presented on the topic and also shed some light on the importance of the study.

  • Show gaps resulting from the literature

The conclusion can be a perfect platform for you to shed some light on a gap that you found in the material and show how it has gotten some sunshine in your study.

  • Show the importance of the ideas you have

A summary will shed some light on the vitality of the ideas and the positive advantage on society.

How to write a great conclusion

  • Sum up the main points in the paper

The conclusion should be a formation of your points that you have derived in the essay, but you should ensure that you do not precisely repeat the words you have in the literature. State the issue in the article, support the fact with the evidence and address the problem.

  • Show the audience the vitality of your study

Don’t just summarize the cases but strive to highlight the importance the statement plays in the research. Therefore, the arguments should highlight the consequences in line with the study and its impact on the discipline you are studying.

  • Give a solution

As you wrap up your paper, ensure that you recommend some of the readers’ actions and provide solutions to an existing problem or issue. The summary should therefore be able to convince your reader that the proposal or resolution you are trying to propose is the best one. You can do this by discussing some of the potential advantages that the solution can illuminate if they put them into consideration.

  • Break the complex ideas into chunks

If you are sophisticated or complex ideas in the paper, ensure that you utilize the conclusion to break them down and sum up the information using simple language. Ensure that you try to interpret some of the complex ideas in an understandable way using straight-forward language so that your reader can understand whatever you’re trying to say. Straightforward content will make them assimilate the information in a much clearer way, and they may even use it easily.

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